Fonts that look like Marker

12 of the Best Free Fonts that Look Like Marker

Create a whiteboard style design the easy way by using these popular fonts that look like marker.

Fonts that look like marker

When you are searching for fonts that look like marker, font styles with bold thick lines are an excellent choice. Fonts with extra wide strokes and a hand-drawn style will give your design an authentic whiteboard look.

The unique styles of the fonts featured below will transform your text to look like it was written with a sharpie or dry erase marker. Check out our selection of free fonts that look like marker:

The Best Free Canva Fonts that Look Like Marker

  1. DG Jory: Bold with a neat hand-drawn style, DG Jory gives off a classroom vibe.
  2. UKIJ Qolyama Tuz: Embrace a marker’s fluidity with the slightly uneven strokes of this handwritten font.
  3. Jua: Jua brings a neat and professional look with marker-like authenticity.
  4. More Sugar: Perfect choice for adding some handwritten charm to your messages.
  5. Permanent Marker: True to its name, this marker font is great choice for your next design.
  6. Guerrilla: Guerrilla is an ideal choice for a fun and textured look.
  7. Better Together Caps: This caps font is the perfect font for creating a marker inspired look. 
  8. AC Collage: With its thick collage-inspired strokes, this font will bring a unique, artistic twist to your marker-themed design.
  9. Just Another Hand: This ultra narrow font combines the thickness of a marker with a hand-drawn style.
  10. Bryndan Write: The bold uneven strokes of Bryndan Write make it another awesome marker font.
  11. AC Fat Bamboo: The perfect font for creation an organic and playful handwritten appearance.
  12. Childos Arabic: Another free font with a bold and narrow look, Childos Arabic’s hand-drawn style makes it the perfect font for your whiteboard design.

Popular Fonts for Teachers

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