Canva Fonts that Look Like Chalk

12 Free Canva Fonts that Look Like Chalk

Use these fonts that look like chalk to create authentic chalkboard style Canva templates.

Free Canva Fonts that Look Like Chalk 

This list of the best free Canva fonts that look like chalk will help you find the perfect chalkboard writing for your next graphic design project.

Use these chalk-like fonts in school projects, educational materials, social media posts, or any other chalkboard themed design.

  1. Six Hands Chalk: The perfect choice if you’re seeking a hand-drawn look. The chalk texture combined with the hand-drawn style makes it an excellent choice for your Chalkboard themed design. 
  2. Farsan: Farsan provides an authentic feel with its teacher-like handwriting. This free chalk font will remind you of an elementary school classroom.
  3. Brightwall:  This is a great font selection if you are looking for a hand-drawn font that doesn’t have a grade school feel. The classic chalk texture of this cursive font earned it a spot on our list of best chalkboard fonts for Canva. 
  4. East Sea Dokdo Cyrillic: This unique font is the perfect option for event chalkboards, menus, and modern design projects that need a playful touch. 
  5. Puimek Font TH:  A great option for classroom posters and children’s book covers, this is one of the best chalk fonts for professional design projects. Its bold letters don’t have a typical chalk texture, but it still delivers an authentic chalkboard look that is clear and easy to read.
  6. Jeju Hallasan: Thick and textured, Jeju Hallasan captures the essence of real chalk text. This is the perfect chalk font if you are looking to replicate an authentic chalkboard look.
  7. Homemade Apple: This cursive font offers a hand drawn look that adds an authentic feel to your creative projects. As the name suggests, Homemade Apple is a great choice for adding a personal touch to your design projects.
  8. Cabin Sketch: A fun and playful free font option, this Canva font that looks like chalk is the perfect choice for headings in your social media graphics, flyers, and party or wedding invitations.
  9. Londrina Sketch: Londrina Sketch is a display font. Ideal for social media graphics and menu boards, it’s a great addition to your personal Canva font library.
  10. Antio: This chalkboard font has no lowercase letters. It is another chalk lettering font with a unique look that works great for headings and displays.
  11. Finger Paint: In the past we’ve used this hand painted text in black for our spooky Halloween designs, but Finger Paint is a great option for an authentic chalkboard look. Use this font in white and it looks just like white chalk.
  12. AC Pathetic: AC Pathetic is a unique chalkboard font that stands out. This rough and textured text is the perfect choice for a chalkboard font.

Incorporating these fonts that look like chalk into your next Canva design will give your creative projects that authentic chalkboard look! Whether you’re working on menu boards, flyers, social media graphics, or designs for an actual classroom, this font collection provides a combination of chalk texture and school days¬†aesthetic to elevate your chalkboard themed designs. There’s no need to download them, they are ready for use automatically in the free version of Canva! Regardless of if you have a free or pro account, you can use these fonts that look like chalk to give your designs an authentic chalkboard look. Save one of the images below to Pinterest so you have this list when you need it!

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