Best Canva Fonts for Halloween

24 of The Best Canva Fonts for Halloween Designs

Best Canva Fonts for Halloween

Best Canva Fonts for a Vintage Halloween Vibe

Vintage Canva Halloween Fonts

These are some of the best Canva fonts for creating an unsettling atmosphere with your design! They have a creepy old-fashioned vibe with an eerie twist.

  1. IM Fell English SC – This calligraphy-style font looks like old English manuscript handwriting, lending to a sense of mystery and a sense of history.
  2. Chapbook – Chapbook’s muted serif style and uneven baselines give it an old eerie vibe. Perfect for vintage Halloween party flyers.
  3. Underdog – With its fun jagged letters Underdog can add a little bit of playfulness to your Halloween-themed designs.
  4. Ananias – Ananias’ unevenness is perfect for tombstones and graveyard imagery in your horror-themed projects.

Dripping and Melting Fonts

Dripping and Melting Fonts

These fonts emulate things like blood, slime, and ooze with their drippy, melting effects. Perfect for adding a spooky touch to your next design.

  1. Charu Chandan Blood Drip – The name says it all! The dripping bloodstained marks make it a popular font for Halloween-themed projects.
  2. Shlop – Shlop’s dripping uneven letters make it look like your text is congealing or melting. One of the best free Canva fonts for creating Halloween vibes!
  3. Butcherman – This drippy font works great for horror concepts. Use Butcherman Caps for a little extra drip.
  4. Jeepers – Jittery and creepy, but easy to read. This is one of the best Halloween fonts for titles and headers. Use on party invitations, social media posts, haunted house flyers and more! It’s bold, easy to ready, and gives off a monster vibe.

Creepy Handwritten Fonts

Creepy Handwritten Fonts, Best Canva Fonts for Halloween

Create a mysterious aura around your design with the unstable appearance of these shaky horror fonts. 

  1. Six Hands Rough – The hand-drawn effect on this font makes it look like a deranged child scrawled your text in crayon. This font will create a sensation of chaos perfect for the Halloween season!
  2. Tallow Sans Pen – The thin shaky effect gives this font a jittery vibe, perfect for your spooky Canva designs.
  3. Max Somsin – With its handwritten shaky letters, Max Somsin looks like the scribblings of a Halloween madman. One of the best fonts for creating a sinister vibe.

The Best Canva Fonts for a Rough and Sketchy Look

Best Canva Fonts for Rough and Sketchy Vibes

This font selection will help add a sketchy look to your Canva templates.

  1. Savage – Rough with uneven strokes, this font embodies the wild spooky spirit of Halloween.
  2. Edo – This Japanese-inspired font has a layered shadow effect that makes each letter look slightly warped and ghostly. Great for themes involving scary stories or folklore.
  3. Finger Paint – Finger Paint looks like the text was painted by an unsteady hand. Ideal for your creepy Halloween templates.
  4. Was Monster – With its sketchy textured effect, Was Monster brings to life images of hairy beasts and creatures of the night. Use it to create a spooky but playful design. 
  5. Kust – Kust has a bold design that is sketchy and unstable, making it one of the perfect horror fonts.
  6. Abys – Abys’ uneven letters set the tone for an abandoned, haunted theme.
  7. WC Mano Negra Bold – The bold, jagged edges give this font a dark and gritty look. It’s a nice font for witchcraft, occult, or horror-themed projects.
  8. Sprite Graffiti – This graffiti-style font with uneven crisscrossing letters embodies urban creepiness. Works well for zombies or sinister street scenes.

More Free Canva Fonts for your Halloween-Themed Projects:

Best Canva Fonts for Halloween
  1. 29LT Makina – The industrial stenciled effect of this font conjures images of a mad scientist’s lab notes.
  2. Bryndan Write – Bryndan Write’s sketchy unevenness evokes creepy handwritten letters. It’s easy to read and can work as body text for your Halloween-themed designs.
  3. Sunday – The big bold letters in this font will make a great header text in your creepy Halloween design.
  4. Pirata One – This Semi-serif font takes on a dark persona with its jagged edges. One of the best Canva fonts for themes involving pirates, zombies, or any edgy concept.
  5. Roller Coaster Serif – The jittery offsets and angled serifs give this font an unbalanced deranged personality. It’s angular features and flourishes ad a playful touch of unpredictability. This is a great font selection for themes involving clowns, circuses, and freak shows.

I hope you can use some of these spine-tingling font options in your next design! Tell us what Canva fonts give you Halloween vibes in the comments!

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