Free Canva Fonts for Saint Patricks Day

15+ Free Canva Fonts for St Patrick’s Day

When it comes to great graphic design, choosing the right fonts can make all the difference. But there are so many font options available – where do you start?

Our team of design experts made it easy!

We’ve curated a list of the best free Canva fonts for your St. Patrick’s Day cards, flyers, and invitation designs! From festive script to sans-serif fonts, all of the free Canva fonts listed below are available for use right in the app! 

1. Brittany

St. Patrick's Day Brittany Font PNG

Embracing the elegant look, Brittany is a script font that can elevate your next Canva design. Its flowing lines and intricate details add a touch of sophistication, making it a good font to add to your St. Patrick’s Day design tool kit.

2. The Mumbai Sticker

St. Patrick's Day in Mumbai Sticker Font

This font has a celebratory aesthetic with its quirky shapes and expressive characters. It makes a great font option for your playful and lighthearted St. Patrick’s Day designs.

3. Kitsch Display Bold

St. Patrick's Day in Kitsch Display Font PNG

Kitsch Display inĀ BoldĀ should be one of your go-to free Canva fonts this Saint Patrick’s Day. This sans-serif typeface will add a festive touch to your design. It’s a great choice for the body text in invitations and flyers.

4. Londrina Solid

For a minimal font with a modern look, try Londrina Solid. It pairs effortlessly with other styled text, offering you a great font selection when creating your St. Patrick’s Day font combinations.

5. Blueberry

Blueberry is a sans-serif typeface with bubbly shapes and various sizes of lowercase letters. It can add a fun and friendly touch to your design, perfect for any holiday!

6. Brasika

Its bold strokes and unconventional shapes make it a great font choice for a standout St. Patrick’s Day design. Brasika’s groovy letterforms are perfect for announcing a parade or party!

7. Adlery Swash

This serif font is the perfect blend of festive and elegant. Its swirly details and graceful curves make it a great option for creating charming St. Patrick’s Day designs. 

8. Amatic SC

Handwritten Style St. Patrick's Day Font

 Add a personal touch with Amatic SC. The handwritten charm of this font makes it the perfect Canva font for creating an inviting atmosphere. Perfect for the body text in cards, flyers, and invitations.

9. Gagalin

Gagalin brings another bold font option to the table, making it an excellent choice for St. Patrick’s Day headers that demand attention. Its assertive uppercase letters and distressed look will stand out amongst less important text.

10. Awesome Lathusca

Awesome Lathusca will add energetic flair to your next Canva design. Its serif typeface exudes excitement while maintaining a professional look. Its decorative strokes are easy to read, making it an ideal option for any of your St. Patrick’s Day Canva templates.

11. Rundeck Smooth

Rundeck Smooth Canva Font

Rundeck Smooth has a distinctive flair, that gives it a celebratory feel. It’s a versatile font option that works well for headlines and smaller body text.

12. Moonlight

Moonlight Canva Font

This fonts playful and whimsical style can add a touch of mischievousness to your design! Moonlight is the perfect font for a holiday associated with leprechauns!

13. Wellfleet

Wellfleet Canva Font

Easy readability with a playful personality, Wellfleet is an excellent font option to have in your design toolbox for any occasion throughout the year. This versatile font can be paired with other font combinations or used as a standalone choice in your next design.

14. Luckiest Guy

Luckiest Guy Canva Font

The big bold letters of Luckiest Guy make it the perfect choice for a St. Patrick’s Day display font. Use it for headlines on your St. Patrick’s Day projects. It’s perfect for social media graphics and posters.

15. Sunflower

Sunflower Canva Font

Just like its name, the Sunflower font is a great option for adding a sense of warmth and cheer to your designs! It’s whimsical and hand drawn letters add an organic touch to your design. Sunflower is perfect for greeting cards and party invitations!

16. Mary Kate

Mary Kate Canva Font

Mary Kate is one of the best free Canva font options for party invitations, festive banners, and Saint Patrick’s Day decor. It has a delightfully festive feel and is perfect for adding some St. Patrick’ day charm to your design.

17. Glass Antiqua

Glass Antiqua Canva Font

For a vintage and elegant feel, use Glass Antiqua in your next design. This font has delicate letterforms that can add a touch of sophistication to your St. Patrick’s Day project.

All the fonts listed above are available for use in a Canva free account and in the Canva pro plan! No matter which version you have, use this Canva font inspiration post to help you find the perfect font for your next design! Give these fonts a try in your Canva account and let us know in the comments what other Canva font guides you would like to see!

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